Addams Family (School Edition)

DATE9th April 2022
SOCIETYNorthampton Musical Theatre Company
VENUEThe Cripps Hall Northampton
DIRECTORKaty Batchelor
WRITTEN BYAndrew Lippa


Author: Nigel Hancocks

It is positively delightful to be invited to see the latest production by Northampton Musical Theatre Company Youth Society. Often youth groups, although enthusiastic, are not as productive as they intend. This was not the case with NMTC Youth Society as you will see from my report.

I was met by the charming choreographer Fiona Luck. She filled me in about the group and made me feel very welcome. She appeared to be pleased with my request to see the cast at the end of the show. I had a little chat with the sound man on entering the auditorium and found my very comfortable seat.

As the show started I was already finding the production interesting and completely in tune. I regret to say that this is a boast not always available in the youth theatres. This outstanding quality continued throughout the entire production.

The introduction to the Addams Family was brilliant. Gomez, played by Ben Mineards, the well bossed father of the Addams household, played his character with such vigour and consistency it was outstanding. Wednesday, Gomez’s daughter, played by Violet Clarke, just about controlled her father all the time until the mother Morticia, played by Eleanor Butt, appeared and was THE boss of the family all the time-ish! Pugsley, the young son of the Addams family, played by Mia Leader, was introduced as the obsessed member of the family enjoying pain, pain and little gain. Mia had not only to pretend to be a boy but also enact the part of a junior Addams family member – very well done. Now let’s introduce Uncle Fester, played exceptionally by Robson Scott, with his love of the moon and the final member, mad Grandma, played by Evie Felgate. Both members of the team played their roles well and convincingly. Finally, in every great production, there has to be a character that is always there, always in that character and always almost behind the scenes.  I never have favourites in productions but I make an exception with Lurch, played by Jacob Luck. His ability to sing his sole number totally out of tune shows his musical capability. Only those with that talent can manage to do it so brilliantly out of key. Well done young man.

So in come the ‘normal people’ of the main characters. Alice, played by Gracie Atkins and Mal, played by Zachary Pilkington and their son and future husband of Wednesday, Lucas, played by Harvey Warren. Well done all three of you. It is difficult to be normal with all the mad people about but you did it well.

As a reviewer it would be very unkind not to mention the rest of this hard working cast. Isobel Butt, Arya Luke, Louise White, Ruby Wright, Maisie Bullock, Mya Rose, Amber Jenkins, Felicity Sanders, Ruby Finch, Emily White, Evie Laughton, Ruby Ellingham, Elsie Lovell, Alice Balderson, Archie McDonald, Isaac Standage, Joe Jeffery, Hatti Taylor Winter Wilmot, Lily-Grace Tofte, Abigail Hammond, Oregon Motley, Thea Jackson, Gracie Cottle and finally according to the fantastic program, Freya Atkins. If I have missed you out, my sincere apologies but, to remove blame on me, the list was obtained from the programme! Every single one of you played your part with great vigour and dedication. There are some really talented people amongst you.

Further praise is not over the top with this production. I must say that this experience for me was probably the best youth production I have ever seen. Director Katy Batchelor and the rest of the Production Team should be proud of not only the cast but their own dedicated influences.

My penultimate comment is that it is with great regret that I have only viewed the ‘Team Thing’ cast and I wished I had been invited to see ‘Team Cousin IT’ too. However, I am sure that the other team were equally as good but it is a pity I couldn’t endorse it. Next time!

Finally, I always make comments regarding the scenery and the back stage crew. This production is not the easiest with frequent scene changes and curtains that appear to have their own abilities not always to do as they are told. However, for the first night I was well impressed with all the activities back stage. A big pat on the back is due to you all. Well done.