NMTC Show Reviews

Well, what can I say? Shrek was amazing Daniel Hodson is a true Star stepping in as the lead at last minute, if they hadn’t said we never have noticed. Great opening night. The whole Cast where Fantastic WELL DONE!!!!!

 ~Hannah Timlin October 2021~


Congratulations to a superb cast and a fantastic show South Pacific, thoroughly enjoyed the show! Have a fab week xxx

~Hannah Taylor October 2014~


Went to see Made in Dagenham tonight and what a wonderful show it was. The principles, minor parts and ensemble were superb and worked so well together. It was full of energy and the singing was excellent. Not to be missed.

~Liz McDonnell November 2019~


Went to see Wizard of Oz last night. Absolutely fab show and to think all of these actors are amateurs and not being paid.

~Louisa Upton October 2017~


Watched the opening show of Summer Holiday tonight and want to say a massive well done to the cast and all involved . What a brilliant , funny and fast paced upbeat show .  really professional. Thank you for a great evening….can’t wait to come back on Saturday.

~ Monica Morris May 2017~


What a fantastic show!! Well done to all the cast, and to the backstage people as well. The scene changes were really slick!! It was worth the two hour drive from Hampshire! Well done again.

~Sue Roscoe June 2017~


Went to see grease tonight and it was fantastic show well done
5 star show!

~Charlotte Hancock October 2016~


Absolutely brilliant! Laugh out loud funny and wow you Ladies can sing! Best production I have seen for a while. Would watch again tomorrow.

~Katy Thomas October 2015~


Congratulations to the cast on a really enjoyable evening. Special plaudits must go to leading lady Beth on a wonderful performance. Dan Hodson had me crying with laughter too.

~David Russell October 2015~


Brilliant performance of Blitz. Very professional. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole show!

~Kev Gamble October 2014~


A very professional company of hard working people who love musicals. Every performance is top notch!

~Pauline Forrest October 2014~

Youth Society Reviews


Les Miserables and now High School Musical. This group is amazing, I’ve seen how hard everyone works and more importantly how they help and support each other. The older group set an amazing example for the younger members. They have a big support group working so hard to help them knock out amazing shows. A great friendly group, where talent is grown and showcased.

~Jo Bishop April 2019~


Came to see High School Musical yesterday evening. Its always so nice to come and see so many young performers enjoying themselves. Thought the scene changes were very slick! Stand out performances for me were – the young man playing Chad, I though he was 100% going for performance every time he was on stage, the vocals of the girl who played Taylor were wonderful, and I thought Ryan was hilarious and Sharpay complimented him a treat. Well done kids! Xxx

~Kelly Hartnett April 2019~


I saw High School Musical on Opening night (Thursday 18th April) at the Cripps theatre in Northampton and you’d think NMTC Youth Society were well into their run of the feel good 2006 classic.


The show was full of energy and performed extremely well from start to end by all members of cast, with bouncy and impressive choreography which only boosted the feel good factor. (Congrats Fiona Luck for the enticing routines!)


The cast included a wide range of ages and all did such an impeccable job, special mentions from the jocks must go to ‘Duffy’ and ‘Luck’ who really immersed themselves in the performance from start to end and kept the energy levels throughout – you can really see the cast gel well on and off stage making for a more believable ‘team’!


As a teenager when High School Musical was released, I was nothing but excited at the prospect of seeing High School Musical for the first time on stage 13 years after it’s release and I am so glad I saw this first time around with NMTC Youth. The set, transitions and technical aspect of the show was smooth and it ran like clock work.


The plot line stayed very true to the film and the musical numbers were played phenomenally. Even with that impending awkwardness of staging 3 events at one time, a scholastic decathlon, a basketball game and an audition.


Admittedly, I was concerned how the company would portray the narrative of the conspiracies between the ‘geeks’ and ‘jocks’ surrounding Troy and Gabriella, but it was done in a very black and white way and saved any confusion for the audience.


Characterization is also a very important thing considering the classic has OTT characters with huge personalities, from jocks, to brainiacs and drama geeks; and each role knew their ‘lane’ and stuck to it accordingly, it’s not until that moment of confusion in ‘Get cha head in the game’ where we see a slight transition of beliefs from Troy Bolton which Ben brought across very convincingly, given the changes in the song’s tempo and rhythm – he kept up extremely well!


Other stand out moments come from the other leads – Henry’s portrayal of Ryan Evans was perfect, he was in role constantly and scarily accurate as the zany jazz square lover, his harmonies were also fantastic and was heard from off stage in other numbers.


He proved a strong cast member with his on-stage partner/sister, the diva that is Sharpay (Emily), who had complete control of the stage whenever present, her attitude and mannerisms were slick and her comic timing impressive.


The Evans power houses proved to be more than a match when conspiring against theatre threats Troy and Gabriella (Eleanor) who’s portrayal of the meek and mild student was endearing and had the audience in the palm of her hand with effortless vocals.


Additionally, Hatti who played Kelsi really stayed true to the role and did it to perfection, even within the dances and moments where she wasn’t in focus – she stayed in Kelsi’s persona which made the entirety of the show that much slicker.


Overall, I have to say thank you to NMTC Youth Society for bringing the classic film musical to life on stage impeccably well, from someone who grew up loving the franchise, you had big shoes to fill… and I couldn’t get enough of the enthusiasm, positivity and fun factor that was brought to the stage from the entire cast. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves for such a professional and infectious production.




P.S I make NO apologies for dancing to the megamix – what a great way to end the show on a high!

~Luke White April 2019~


It was as good as the London show, absolutely brilliant well done to all the talented youth that performed, thoroughly enjoyed every minute thank you

~Elaine Dunkley May 2018~


Saw NMTC Youth Society’s Les Miserable production this evening – it was amazing. The production was very slick, professional, and enjoyable. It was easy to forget the cast are youngsters, they were excellent. The voices were amazing.

~Henny Cameron May 2018~